Dollars off Answers!

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Deal Info:

  • Start: June 03, 2020
  • End: June 30, 2020


Answers has extended their milk sale through June! Awwww yeah!!

Answers Pet Food goat's milk and kefir are staples in our store. We send customers with new puppies and kittens, pets with gut issues or loose stools, and even skin and allergy issues home with these supplements. 

$2 off any quart of kefir or goat's milk

$3 off any half gallon of kefir or goat's milk

These milks refreeze great into ice cube-type treats, or stay safe in the freezer for a rainy day. Once opened, they're good for a month in the fridge; they just keep fermenting and growing good stuff! Billy (their super crazy awesome nutritionist) told us the carton is actually at its healthiest and best when it's almost gone!

*Offer good on any ONE carton of goat's milk OR kefir. One per customer. While supplies last. Both PDog locations. May not be combined with any other promos or coupons. Now through 6/30/2020.