Five years ago we opened Prairie Dog Pet Mercantile. While we'd had experience in a variety of endeavors, this was a first in the retail industry. Our lack of knowledge was invigorating and intimidating. Thanks to you, our customers, the store was a great success. 

Several years ago we were fortunate to meet and hire Amy Barker. Most of our current customers know Amy well, since she's pretty much been managing the place for the past year or so. She's a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and now, a retail store owner. Amy and her husband, Dan Pringle, have purchased the Prairie Dog from us. They are off to a fast start, and hopefully in the next month or so they'll have news about a relocation to a new, larger store space (very near the present one). If you visit the Prairie Dog, you'll see the same faces you're used to: Stacy, Jesse, Kim, Cathy, and even sometimes--still--Don or Cyndi. (Selling the store doesn't mean we're gone forever!) More likely, however, you might spot us around town with a grandchild or dog in tow. Please say hi!

We're proud of the store's success and the "Best of" awards, but we treasure most the people and animals we've met. Over the past five years more than 5,000 unique people visited our store, along with more than 1,000 dogs, cats, a camel, several wallaroos, macaws, a hedgehog, and more (including a curious moose). We've made countless new friends, discovered new things about others and ourselves, and had a great time. 

Amy and Dan are looking forward to continuing the Prairie Dog tradition of great customer service, science-based nutrition information, training tips (and classes), and a broad selection of pet-related merchandise. In addition, they'll be adding their own enhancements to the business, putting their special touches on it.

We're excited for the opportunity they have, and we're deeply grateful for the loyal support and many kind words from our customers. 

Thank you! 
Don and Cyndi Cutler